Offer and availability of products

Offers on products are valid as long as they are visible and listed on the Website.

The products are offered for sale in the following countries:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States of America, Spain, Switzerland.

For sales to other countries please contact us at [email protected]


Selling price of the products

The selling prices of the products are those displayed on the Website at the time of your purchase.

The selling prices do not include handling and shipping cost to the destination territory.  

Delivery cost charges for each order include packaging costs.

For a delivery outside the territory of Canada and the United States, you will have to pay in addition the customs duties and other taxes due for the importation of products into the delivery territory.

The buyer declares that they are aware of this and of the specific conditions that apply in the country to which the order will be sent and accepts the payment of said taxes and costs to the authorities or intermediaries that may claim them, in addition to the total amount paid for the sales transaction entered with the seller.


Total amount of the order

The total amount of the order is the final price in US dollars, including processing and delivery costs. It is included in the order confirmation email and in the electronic invoice that can be downloaded directly from the customer account.

As soon as it is ready for shipment you will receive an email with a tracking number so that you can track your order.


Placing of the order

The online ordering process involves the following steps:

Selecting the product(s)

For each product, a detailed description of the selected product (size, material, photograph) and the selling price appear.


Create/login to customer account

In order to place an order, you can:

– either create or connect to your customer account via an email address and password.

– either fill in the online order form

The creation of the customer account or the completion of the online form requires the communication of the information necessary to process the order: first and last name, postal address for delivery and/or invoicing, telephone, and email address.



The payment is made exclusively in US dollars.

You can pay by logging into your PayPal account.

You guarantee that you have the necessary authorizations to use the chosen method of payment.

In the event of refusal of payment by PayPal, the order is automatically cancelled.

We implement all the means to ensure the confidentiality and security of the banking data that you have transmitted to us on the Site.

You are invited to print the proof of the transaction which will be displayed on the screen after effective payment of the order.

Any payment made on the Website constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the order.


Order confirmation

Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email confirming your order. This email is proof of your order. We recommend that you keep copy of it.

Delivery times

The delivery times vary according to the product(s) concerned, the chosen formula and the destination of the order.

We will take all possible steps to meet the dispatch and delivery times specified in this document. However, delivery times are an approximate indication, and they may vary based on the specific circumstances of each delivery, such as the size of the order, the destination, and the circumstances of the shipping company, among others.

Normal delivery times from when the order leaves our warehouse are as follows:

–    Deliveries to North America territory: between 15 to 20 working days.

–    International deliveries: between 20 to 30 working days.

These times may vary due to conditions beyond our control or that of the shipping company, such as strikes, weather incidents, public disorders, traffic accidents, etc. In such cases, Schmill Art will not be held responsible for any delays.


Delivery costs

The amount of the delivery costs varies according to the product(s) concerned, the delivery formula chosen and the delivery zone.

You are responsible for paying all delivery costs, which will be specified automatically when you place your order. The cost of delivery will depend on the destination, weight, and dimension of the order.

Delivery cost charges for each order include packaging costs.


Follow-up and reception of the order

You will be informed of the shipment of your order by an email containing a tracking link.

You agree to receive the products ordered at the delivery address listed on the order confirmation email.

You must date and sign the delivery slip presented by the carrier. This dated and signed delivery note constitutes proof of transport and delivery. You must notify the carrier and our customer service of any reservations about the product delivered (for example: damaged package, already opened …).

In case of absence, you will have the time indicated by the carrier to receive your package.

In case of non withdrawal within the time limit, the products will be returned to Schmill Art. In this case, we reserve the right to reimburse you 80% of the amount of the order, excluding delivery charges which will remain at your expense.



In the event that the seller accepts the return of goods by the buyer, this will be subject to the dispatch of the goods to the seller at the buyer’s risk and expense, and to the subsequent assessment and approval by the seller of the reason given by the buyer for returning the goods. For this purpose, and only in the event of returns due to defects in the manufacture of the product(s), the buyer must inform the seller to this effect within 15 days following receipt of the product. Returns will only be accepted if, in addition to the conditions already described, the product(s) being returned are clean, with no signs of wear due to use and are accompanied by their original packaging and/or accessories. The shipping costs for the products returned by the buyer to the seller, and any possible customs duties, sales duties or any other costs arising will be borne by the buyer. 

Confiscation by third parties, destruction or impairment of the product(s) purchased by the buyer subsequent to them being dispatched by the seller and for reasons beyond the seller, s control will be subject to the insurance conditions applicable for the particular delivery method selected , and under no circumstances may the seller be held liable for this situation.



All sales are final and may not be cancelled once payment has been made. If you wish to cancel an order after this stage, and should Schmill Art accept this cancellation, we will apply a cancellation charge of 20% of the total order, as well as any shipping, customs, packaging, and similar costs arising from the cancellation.

Insurance / Loss or damage

For each order the buyer pays the total price of the goods ordered in addition to shipping and packaging costs that include the insurance offered by the shipping company. In the event of loss or damage, you may be entitled to compensation. To qualify, you must place a claim in writing to Schmill Art and we, in turn, will place a claim with the shipping company responsible for delivery. Compensation will only be made effective in the event that the shipping company assumes responsibility for the loss or damage and makes the compensation payment in accordance with the conditions of the insurance included in its services. 


International regulations

Any expenses deriving from customs and duties are not included in the product price. In accordance with international freight regulations, we are required by Law to adjoin an official invoice as accompanying shipping documentation, without which no delivery is processed. 

The customs authorities of the destination country will calculate the applicable legal costs upon arrival of the merchandise, based on this documentation. When required by said authorities, you must pay the corresponding amount.


Limitation of liability

The Seller will not be subject to any claims for loss, delays or damage to the products caused by force majeure or by causes beyond the effective control of the Seller, including but not limited to delays caused by the shipping company, strikes, fire, terrorist attacks, wars, or earthquakes. The liability of the Seller for breach of or in relation to this document will be limited to the repair or replacement of the products that have been shown to be defective, or in the event that the repair or replacement is impossible, or by decision of the Seller, the refund of the purchase price of said products. Under no circumstances will the Seller be held liable for the purchase of a replacement product or for repair costs incurred by the Buyer. Likewise, the Seller will not be held liable for other harm or damage caused to the Buyer or to third parties, including but not limited to loss of earnings, among other things.


Applicable Law

This Agreement is a contract under the laws of Quebec, Canada, and for all purposes shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of Quebec, Canada, without regard to its principles of conflicts of laws provisions. The buyer hereby accepts said jurisdiction as the only competent one for litigation or claims derived from this document.